Creating a Nation of Producers

Enterprise School System

Enterprise School System â„¢ (ESS)

Our core belief in the importance in the provision of relevant, workforce ready education for ALL students must also be strategically and appropriately measured, assessed and continuously communicated to every stakeholder including industry. Innovation in Education can no longer be regulated to our educators.
Technology has enabled better operating systems that enable the possibility for a 21st Century education no matter what your economic status.

Data-Driven Education Decisions

Inspect What You Expect: Governing with standards and metrics

Our education system is coming in alignment with the needs of the 21st Century. Industry can no longer hope for what it is not willing to work for. We cannot hold School Boards accountable for what they are not doing, if we are not willing to partner with them and share how we manage expectations and goals. Educating our children is quite frankly more important than securing the privacy of our credit cards.

We need to provide our education stakeholders with our best in order for us to get the best from them. We must answer the call and provide our School Boards with our most valuable human capital, our time. School Boards must all work to create excellence on purpose, utilizing the best tools, expecting maximum results, continuously reporting and monitoring on operational metrics, so success, as determined by the Board, will be achieved.

The National Minority Technology Council, starting with our urban schools, pledges the expertise of our most accomplished members. We, as an industry of minority owners, recognize the struggle it took for each of us to get where we are independently. As a group we will bring to bear an army of capable souls who have a desire to give back and also to create a new market of opportunity and excellence. For us this is personal! As an industry we already employ over 500,000 people. Our growth is predicated on our ability to generate the trust in our community. This movement promises to change the script from truant and dropped-out to engaged and employed.

We certainly recognize the sovereign power of the over 14,000 school boards located across the nation. We recognize the need for governance, accountability, and transparency. We recognize the need for industry grade systems to manage objectives, policies and outcomes, keeping Superintendents accountable to the standards each school board approves as a governing body. Our Enterprise School Systemâ„¢ methodology and nationally recognized enterprise grade tools will provide governance and accountability for our children and parents on purpose, now.